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Working Papers

Hedging in the “Conclusions” chapter of PhD dissertations in Spanish

Esperanza Acín Villa 1-24

Assertive acts an politeness: different strategies used by Brazilians and Chileans in an academic context

Adriana Marcelle de Andrade Freitas25-53

Preliminary Research on Discourse Markers and Politeness in the Spanish of the United States

Tania Constanza Gómez Ríos 54-78

Teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language in Switzerland. Challenges for the HL courses

Verónica Sánchez Abchi y Ruth Calderón 79-93

Code-Switching as a facework strategy within doctor-patient communication in a Galician clinic

Vanesa Rodríguez Tembrás – 94-121

Linguistic persuasion for the defense of the land: Primordial Title of Santiago Sula

Marta Puente González 122-144

Conversation levels and interaction communicative resources on Twitter

Noemí Elisa Guerrero Contreras 145-161

The literary dramatic text as a corpus for historical analysis of face work activities

Marta Gancedo Ruiz 162-173


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ASICE - Programa EDICE, ASICE - International Association for Communication Studies in Spanish

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